Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Una clase en UCR

My Conversation 2 class with the best teacher ever, Rosario! I have learned so many interesting communicative activities in this class and a ton of Tican vocabulary and customs! For example,
1.  If someone compliments you on your shirt, you respond with "Aquí la tiene". Of course, you don't really give it to them...
2.  Al chile means "really, seriously?"
3.  Tuanis is cool... it comes from the English expression "Too nice." Ticans are tuanis!
4.  La hora tica is an interesting concept of time that tends to put people first and watches second.
5.  If you are wearing a new piece of clothing you can say "Estoy estrenando (este vestido)".
6.  Es una torta means what a shame! (Unusual use of torta which to me is something good! )
7.  A la puña is a nicer way of saying "oh shoot!"
8.  Ticos use alambre de navaja to protect their houses.
9.  Zepol (Vick's) is used to cure a lot of health problems!
10.  And good teaching is good teaching no matter what country you are in! And Rosario is a great teacher!